Proposal for Engagement: An action score for place making by Claire Pencak

I had been wondering if there were other ways of considering how we use land that made it easier for more people to be able to engage with ideas around Land Use and feel able to contribute to debates and consultations around these issues. The Scottish Borders along with Aberdeenshire was selected to develop regional pilot Land Use Strategies which will ultimately inform the  revision of the national Land Use Strategy which is to be published  in 2016. In the Scottish Border this regional framework was developed through mapping and a series of public consultations to seek the views of communities. I had been to a few of these and found it tricky to know how to engage with it as someone that isn’t a land manager or land owner.

I wondered what might be a choreographic response to thinking about habitat and Land Use?

Current ideas around place-making seemed like a good start and I wanted to think about it from more than just the human perspective as it is an ecological issue.

What emerged out of several days of improvisations beside the Ettrick and Yarrow Waters in the Scottish Borders and the East and West Allen Rivers in Northumberland was the idea of habitat as action places and being a score for improvisation.

Improvisation beside dry river bed, River Allen,  May 2014 . Dancer Tim Rubidge.

Improvisation beside dry river bed, River Allen, May 2014 . Dancer Tim Rubidge.

What do I mean by score? A score suggests ways to proceed. It is a framework to assist imaginative engagement, a way into improvisation and playful encounters.

Here then are sixty ways that habitat might be considered by the diversity of species that use it –birds, fish, insects, mammals, plants and trees. They suggest potential zones of action – on the ground, under the ground and over ground; on the water, underwater and in the air.

Consider them as a way in to thinking about land use.

Resting Place                    Feeding Place                   Reflecting Place

Meeting Place                   Parting Place                     Growing Place

Fishing Place                    Nesting Place                    Gathering Place

Watering Place                 Flooding Place                   Grazing Place

Drowning Place                Building Place                     Crossing Place

Flying Place                      Exploring Place                   Swimming Place

Washing Place                  Hunting Place                     Waiting Place

Stalking Place                   Dying Place                         Passing Place

Seeping Place                   Learning Place                   Singing Place

Teaching Place                 Dancing Place                    Mating Place

Calling Place                     Swinging Place                   Perching Place

Hovering Place                  Playing Place                     Sheltering Place

Disputing Place                 Flowing Place                     Healing Place

Fighting Place                   Dividing Place                     Joining Place

Listening Place                  Hiding Place                       Lingering Place

Trysting Place                   Climbing Place                   Overhanging Place

Killing Place                       Digging Place                     Birthing Place

Flowering Place                 Falling Place                      Catching Place

Leaping Place                   Sowing Place                      Harvesting Place

Storing Place                     Burying Place                     Drying Place

How to use the score.

Cut them up, share them out, read them out.

Explore them through drawing, dancing, mapping and conversation.

Use them as a starting point for writing, photography, music making, walking or quiet contemplation.

Add to the list by creating your own.

Pass them on.

Download the ‘score’ here Action Score for Place Making

Claire Pencak, March 2015

This work is being supported through a Creative Scotland Artist Bursary.

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